Why You Should Never Auto-Add People Into Your Facebook Business Group

Why you should never auto-add people into your Facebook group and instead what you can do to drive traffic your way

Marketing is such a big priority for so many of us that support our income by path of self employment. Luckily in this day and age, social media has sky rocketed to an everyday lifestyle for many people across the world. Social media can be used as a beneficial tool for businesses, if it’s used accurately.

Today I am here to write about Facebook groups for businesses, and a big no-no that is often overlooked. If you already manage a Facebook group for your business, you may have realized how simple it is to hit that “add members” button, but chances are, by choosing to take that direction, you’re driving your traffic away altogether. The very people you’re trying to connect with will see your business as a big pop up ad that they have to inconveniently avoid. By not asking for their permission first, that inconvenience will drive them to hit that “leave group” button faster then you can introduce yourself.

Here are seven tips to help you promote your Facebook business group and effectively plan market strategies that will grow your group with a real community. 


Inviting is one of the easiest ways to let people know you have a Facebook group for your business.  Just like the "add members" button, its pretty straight forward and at the click of a button you can send multiple people a notification about your group. “Invite” notifications will be viewed by the receiver in the same place as all other Facebook notifications. They have the option to either accept or decline your invite depending on if your information or product is valuable to them. At the end of the day, mainstream followers are not everything. It’s better to have an authentic community that will engage with you on a daily basis, then artificial followers that will get you no closer to your aspirations.

Sending A Personal Private Message

The magic word in this tip is “personal”. When you start a conversation with someone about your business, you always want to make sure you’re capturing your audience genuinely and professionally. 

Introduce yourself in a way that isn’t just about promoting your business. Start by using their first name, introduce yourself and tell them a little about what you do. Let them know why you why love doing that specific business. Finish off with how others benefit by being involved in your group and what positive outlook it has had on others.

Instead of saying, “Hey there! My name is Kate and I am a distributor of Schooltastic Books! I am almost at my goal to win an iPad, and just need to sell 12 more books. You can join my group here ——>
Lead with something similar to this, “Hey Janet, my name is Kate Jacobson. I have been selling children books for the past 3 years of my life. Education has always been a really important subject to me. I don't want to just offer kids something they can grow their knowledge from, but I also want to help them find books that encourages them to read more and LOVE doing it. We have a selection of over 2,000 books for children ages 0-18. If this is something you’re interested in, please let me know and I would love to add you into my group. I post in my business group two days a week with the current sales and promotions, so my members can always stay up to date with the current selection and best deals. If you have any questions or would like to know a little bit more, please let me know. I am always happy to help! Have a great rest of your week."


The possibilities are endless with providing an incentive for people who join your group as a member. You can offer special sales, promo codes, host a giveaway, or provide interactive rewards that is exclusive for members of your Facebook business group only.
If you choose to present your group members with an incentive, you can also advertise that outside of your group to help peak the interest of others who are looking into joining. If someone is interested in what you are selling, they're more likely to join your group knowing they can get a good deal on what you're providing. 

Another idea is to make a post asking if anyone would be interested in posting a small paragraph on their personal Facebook profile regarding your Facebook business group. In exchange you can offer them a small coupon code, free shipping, sale price, or other interactive incentive for their advertisement. Choosing this business strategy may not only open a door for other people to find your business group but could also provide you with an order from the person you made the exchange with from the advertisement.  

Ask for help. Ask members already included in your group if they wouldn’t mind sending their friends an invite that would benefit from the group. You may be surprised how passionate people can be about your product/services. 

Building Relationships

Creating a relationship with your audience is one of the biggest rewards. Have you ever heard the quote that goes “Keep putting out good. It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.”? Keep a positive circle around yourself, post encouraging words, and engage in your audiences interests too. People are more likely to give you support when you show interest in what they're doing as well. It makes them feel like they matter to you as an individual person instead of just making another sale.
Engage with other businesses and be kind! Sharing someone's work, sending an encouraging email, and writing on someones posts with uplifting comments are acceptable ways of making new friends. You may be surprised how much you gain from being sincere to others.

Social Media

As I’ve already stated, social media can be a HUGE advantage to businesses.  Even though your group is hosted through Facebook, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of other social media platforms. Get the most out of every post you create by promoting everywhere at once. Pin it. Tweet it. Share it. Tumble it. Blog about it. Promote EVERYWHERE. 

Peak peoples interests with good quality photos, catchy titles, and always add an easily visible link to your Facebook business group for those that want to check it out.


Paying for advertising isn’t for everyone, but its a quick way to get more views and potential interests for you're Facebook business group. When you “Boost” a post, make sure to add tags that compliment what your group is all about. Write a paragraph making it very clear who you're targeting, what you're selling, and who can benefit from joining your group.

Keeping Their Interest 

Running a business group is a LOT of work. You will be devoting a lot of time and energy into maintaining another section of your business. Social media doesn’t have turn off button which means it's always going, even when you aren't. Making sure your members stay engaged can really produce a positive impact on your brand. 

Creating a schedule for your group can help you stay organized, and also help your members know what to expect. Once you create a plan, try and stick with it. If you decide to post weekly updates on Tuesday and Friday post it in the information section so all new and active members can take advantage of the relevant content you provide those days. 

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